With love, from us, to you

Distinctively yours... Aparna Sen

You & i.. in performance

A unique concept and a unique performance. That is an apt description of Lovingly Yours, a Valentine’s Day show based on love letters by famous people, staged at GD Birla Sabhagar on February 14.

Conceived by You & i.., the musical duo of Soumyojit Das and Sourendro Mullick, who also performed at the event, the show was also significant because it brought to the stage Aparna Sen, in a never-before appearance.
Also on the beautifully designed stage, in a cameo, was industrialist Harsh Neotia, who opened the show with a very competent reading of Gulzar’s translation of Shakti Chattopadhyay’s poem, Aj Shei Ghore.
The show essentially comprised Sen reading out the letters, chosen by Soumyojit and Sourendro, and the duo performing musical pieces to suit the mood of each letter.
It was interesting to note the combination of text and music, and though not all the letters were conventionally ‘romantic’, they clearly showed various facets of love.
While Sen did an outstanding job with the readings (particularly the letters from The Japanese Wife), musically speaking, worth a special mention were Tagore’s Ke Boshile, Tu Hi Re from the film Bombay, and a kirtan.
More such shows would be a welcome additon to the city’s cultural calendar.

This article was originally published in the Hindustan Times

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