For Love of Mary Mother of Christ

Virgin MaryOk, I admit I’m running scared… and taking a shortcut. This morning, a mail arrived in my inbox that absolutely ruined my day, because it promised me that I would certainly lose my family if I did not forward it to about half my city’s population.

Now, having been educated at a Catholic convent school, I have always regarded the Virgin Mary as a highly benevolent being marginalised by her brilliant Son. Thus, this bloodthirsty warning — the President of Argentina received this picture and called it “junk mail”, 8 days later his son died. A man received this picture and immediately sent out copies…his surprise was winning the lottery. Alberto Martinez received this picture, gave it to his secretary to make copies but they forgot to distribute: she lost her job and he lost his family” — sent shivers down my spine for the sheer ferocity that it attributes to a universal mother figure. What kind of sick mind manufactures these mails?

Look at the photo above that I’m supposed to be circulating.Goddess Durga Can you look at that face and believe that it has the will to kill? We in Kolkata are gearing up to honour Durga, a mother figure of a different kind, one who is both destroyer and preserver. I can see a lot in common between the two faces.

However, I have been shamefully frightened into posting the message here — the aforementioned shortcut — so that the Virgin Mary will pardon my sin in not forwarding it to 200 people or something. And Stephanie, the friend who forwarded the mail to me, had better not see me in a hurry.

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2 thoughts on “For Love of Mary Mother of Christ

  1. I agree with you… Even I have received mails like this before. But I know that none of these actually come true.

    Our own mothers won’t scold us if we did something wrong(atleast, not always)… Why would the Universal Mother kill our loved ones if we just didn’t circulate some email created by some sadist? It’s not really possible that the Universal Mother would do such a thing…

    I really liked your post. Its a real eye opener.

    Kavya K.R

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