On Shahid and Vivah

Sexy ShahidI will admit that I went to see Vivah for two things: one, I was not paying for the grossly overpriced multiplex ticket. Two, I wanted to see Shahid Kapoor (Kapur?). I’ve been very taken with the boy ever since I saw him in China Town, which was the first time I saw him on screen.

However, I have now come to a conclusion. Fetching as the lad is, and he is very fetching, he can’t rescue bad films. He sank with China Town, sank further with Chupke Se or whatever it was called, and has touched rock bottom with Vivah.

Whether he is choosing the wrong films, or the wrong films are choosing him, is open to debate, but he’s a good actor who will go to waste if doesn’t find a decent script soon, ‘method acting’ and high-level charm be darned.

I mean, look at Vivah. He was as delicious in it as ever, but he was obviously playing a character he didn’t identify with at all, and the insincerity showed. I’m not reviewing Vivah here, it isn’t worth the effort, but whatever the film, you need to be at least remotely involved to make your role work. Neither Shahid nor his leading lady Amrita Rao were, so their lines sounded like jokes and their expressions seemed caricatures.

Had I not been 33 and a mother, I would probably have written besotted letters to Shahid, so I have his best interests at heart when I say that he should opt for the role rather than the banner. I know this is finger-wagging earnest, but I want to warn him against the perils of ‘putting on’ an act on celluloid. The camera rarely lies, and insincerity is an actor’s cardinal sin.

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11 thoughts on “On Shahid and Vivah

  1. Shahid i;m a big fan of you and your films too , i’m Raghda from Egypt , my DREAM LIFE IS MEETING YOU , i hope we can talk with each other or anything bye bye shahid Love u

  2. ilove you i love you chahide my priya sanam hi je t’aime ji daghiya khtabni ana kan tsana


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