He’s Back!

The thing about Sachin Tendulkar is that he somehow makes one forget all past lapses. He makes boys of sensible, responsible men (and girls of some women), who scream with joy as he pulls savagely over backward square leg for one six, or tonks one back over the bowler for another. Presto! Stocks rise, tempers fall, and there is an idiot grin on every face. In a trice, we forget his recent patchy run, the doubts about his form and fitness after a huge lay off, and are reconverted into devotees.

Yes, it helped that Fidel Edwards and Jerome Taylor bowled with the kind of generosity that batsmen can usually only dream of, and that Carlton Baugh inexplicably deflected what would have a sitter for Chris Gayle when The Sachin was on five, but in the end, greatness is also about making the most of one’s opportunities. On a pitch of fairly uncertain bounce, Sachin proved quite emphatically that he isn’t done yet, oh no. Just have another look at the dismissals of Dravid, Dhoni and Sehwag and you’ll know why Sachin’s innings today was a bigger deal than the Caribbean bowling made it seem.


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