Starting Over

Introduced to the bloggers’ universe a couple of years ago, it took me a while to decide whether I wanted a blog of my own. I decided I did, but didn’t know what I wanted to put in it. So I signed on anyway, played around with fonts, colours, and concepts, and came up with…a juvenile atrocity called Slower One. Unlike Pygmalion, needless to say, I was repulsed by my creation.

Instead of making things better, however, I let them drift, abandoning my blog to its fate and pretending I didn’t know it. Only occasionally would I admit, only to myself of course, that I felt the need to get down to some serious blogging. Immediately, my mind would deliver a stern slap on my wrist by reminding me of my demon.

Whay am I telling you this today? Because I have decided to start over, thanks to a friend who saw my blog and decided he needed to puke! Actually, that was my suggestion, but his reaction provided the much needed catalyst that goaded me to action. Anyway, here’s the new baby, in new clothes, and with a much larger playing area. As the inaugural piece, and because Durga Puja looms, I want to talk about Kumartuli, but that’s in the next post, because I daresay you are bored witless by now.

And before I forget, does anyone know how to prevent vandals from mutilating one’s posts? My previous posts, for whatever they were worth, received the attentions of a Scandinavian visitor who probably peddled pornography on my blog (yawn), so I would be interested in preventive measures if any.


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